Australian Labradoodle


Clever, friendly, sociable, comical, joyful, energetic when free and soft and quiet when handled. They should approach people in a happy friendly manner with eye to eye contact. Keen and easy to train. They should display an intuition about their family members or handler’s current emotional state or needs. Based on this intuition some Australian Labradoodles can be trained to become a service dog.

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Wide set, Large, expressive and slightly rounded.Wide round or narrow shaped eyes are less desirable.
Eye colors can be darkest brown, a transparent honey color, or shades of hazel


Moderately broad with well-defined eyebrows. Stop should be moderate with eyes set well apart. The head should be of moderate width; developed but without exaggeration. Foreface to appear shorter than skull. The head should be clean-cut and free from fleshy cheeks. The whole head must be in proportion to the size of the dog. Skull should be slightly rounded but not domed. Forehead medium breadth, muzzle not snipey, but should have depth and breadth. The head should flow naturally into a strong slightly curved and muscular neck and not appear to be ‘stuck on’. The head should be fully coated as on the body, legs and tail.


Set slightly above eye level and should lay flat against head in proportion with the skull with a slight lift at the base for air flow. Leather should be of medium thickness, and leather should not hang below the lower lip line.


The feet are of medium size, round with well-arched toes having elastic and thick pads. The feet should not turn in or out. The breed is born without hind dewclaws


Should be large, of square appearance and fleshy. Not narrow, pinched or pointed.


Miniature range:
Height: 35cm to 43cm (14 to 17 inches) at wither.
Weight: 7 kg to 13 kg

Medium range:
Height: 43cm to 53cm (17 to 21 inches) at wither.
Weight: 13 kg to 20 kg

Standard range:
Height: 53 cm to 63 cm (21 to 25 inches) at wither.
Weight: 20 kg tot 28 kg

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A distinctive feature of this breed is that the coat is non-shedding and does not have any doggy odor. The coat is allergy friendly to the vast majority of persons with dog related allergies. The coat should be even over the entire body. It should be straight, wavy or forming spirals It should be a single coat. Can range between a fleece to wool in texture. The Fleece textured coat is a soft texture as in the Angora goat. It can either have a straight wavy look or a soft spiralling curl look.
The Wool textured coat is like a lamb’s wool in texture. It should have the appearance of looser spiralling wool, which opens up easily to the skin


A sabel shaped tail. The tail should follow the topline in repose or when in motion. It may be carried gaily.